Habit Forming Tips : Part 1

1. Have an athlete-friendly meal delivery subscription. Someone else will cook a meal that you know is healthy and bring it right to you.

Pro tip: Look for a service that offers meals for athletes — they’ll offer double the lean protein (30-40 g) along with fibrous veggies like salad, steamed beans or broccoli.

2. Keep the ice cream, cookies, and chocolates out of the house. Make “laziness” work for you by making it harder and more inconvenient to reach for high-calorie, low-nutrition, easy-to-overeat foods. If you want sweets, you have to go get them.

Pro tip: Keep a colorful assortment of dried and fresh fruits around for dessert instead.

3. Use a meal plan. Don’t make fresh decisions every day, or keep meal choices totally open-ended all the time. Instead, make decisions in advance and work from a template.

Pro tip: Every few days, sketch out the meals you’ll eat for the next few days. Check the list daily so you know:

  • what to buy at the grocery store;

  • what to pre-prep;

  • what meal you’ll eat at what time (or when you’re really hungry).

4. Keep chopped, ready-to-eat vegetables in the fridge. Put them front-and-center so you see them and can get to them easily.

Pro tip: To make your favorite salad veggies even easier, store them “restaurant style”. Clean and sterilize one of your refrigerator’s crispers, dump chopped veggies (loose) into it, and cover them with a damp paper towel and a couple of ice cubes.

5. Don’t be hungry and in the grocery store at the same time. Treat grocery shopping like a surgical operation: Have a plan (like your meal list from Tip 3). Get in and get out efficiently. (See if you can make a game of it.)

Pro tip: Focus on the perimeter — the produce, meat, and dairy sections. Don’t even go down the processed food aisles, so you won’t be tempted. Shop with a basket instead of a cart to limit what you can buy (it sneaks in an arm workout, too).

6. Keep shake-ready ingredients in the freezer. Frozen chopped fruit can be dumped straight into the blender and will make your super shakes extra thick and cold.

Pro tip: Are there any greens in your fridge “on their way out”? Stick them in a gallon bag in your freezer. Once frozen, crush them to make flakes. This reduces the space they take up and makes them simple to add to shakes.

7. Keep a batch of cooked grains handy. Whole grains take time to cook, but if you make a batch on Sunday, you’ll have it in the fridge to use in grain bowls and stir-fries all week long.

Pro tip: Make two batches, and portion one out by the cupful to keep in containers in the freezer. Brown rice reheats nicely in the microwave. It’s like having home-made minute rice on hand.

8. Help your kitchen coach you. Keep your kitchen as clean, pleasant and clutter-free as possible so you feel relaxed when you enter it (stress = cookie binges). Have an edible plant (like sunflower sprouts) growing on the counter for when you feel like snacking.

Pro tip: Make the fridge door a “vision board” with post-it notes reminding you of your goals, inspiring pictures, and cool looking magnets.

9. Just put on your sneakers. Having them on your feet often just makes you feel like getting active.

Pro tip: For that matter, consider just wearing comfortable shoes all the time, so you’re up for anything.

**Credit to Precision Nutrition

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