Weight Loss Plateau?

Having trouble losing weight? Or stuck after weight loss that seems to have just stopped? It may be time to change things up! Your body adjusts to whatever game plan you put it through and needs change to force adaptation.

You’ve probably heard that calories out must be greater than calories in but so much more goes into that equation depending on your history and what all you have put your body through over your lifetime. It may be time to track what all you are eating to make sure you aren’t taking in more than you think you are.

Are you hydrating enough? Getting enough sleep? How much stress are you under? How much processed food are you eating? Have you changed your workouts up at all in the last month? Again, so many factors that affect how your body responds and you need to take a look at the big picture rather than getting too focused on any one factor.

Action Item:

Keep a food journal for a week. Write down everything that you eat and drink as well as how much. Also, note how you feel throughout the day. Do you have certain times of day when you lose your energy and focus? Are there times when you have cravings or get really hungry? How much do you rely on caffeine and sugar to help you get through a day?

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