Thank You Notes

To Mom and Dad:

Thank you for having the courage to raise me in this world. I'm sure you were scared; I was your first born and I'm pretty sure I didn't come with a manual!

Thank you for disciplining me. I know I yelled and screamed and made you feel horrible sometimes, but because you stuck to your guns I learned responsibility and how to make better choices.

Thank you for not always saying yes, for enforcing the rules even when you may have wanted to give in. You taught me the gift of discipline and of giving up something that might be good now for something that will be great long term; an invaluable lesson.

Thank you for being my parent while I was growing up instead of trying to be my best friend. That taught me respect and now I truly appreciate our friendship.

Thank you for making me and my sister always feel like a priority. No matter how busy you were you always made time for us. You asked questions and wanted to be involved in our lives.

Thank you for teaching us about Jesus. We may not have always liked going to church as often as we did, or sitting on the front row, or being the preachers kid with all the extra scrutiny that brings with it, but you handled it like a boss and somehow made it fun. I have so many incredible memories and wouldn't trade it for the world!

Thank you for family dinners. I know with crazy schedules it wasn't easy to cook dinner every night and make time to eat around the table. You taught us that family matters, and having dedicated conversation time is one of the most important gifts a family can give.



Thank you for teaching us the power of prayer. You started your days on yours knees and in quiet time and that taught us to do the same and that nothing is too hard for our God!

Thank you for never giving up. No matter how difficult your days as a parent may have been, you loved us through everything and taught us that life isn't supposed to be easy and we have to learn to navigate through anyway.

Thank you for letting go. You raised us well and supported our decisions to leave home and go after our own unique callings. ...and you still drop everything to come visit! You taught us to follow our dreams and listen to God's voice. And you taught us that no matter how many miles may be between us, nothing can diminish the love of family!



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