Living ALIVE!

Many of you may know the story of Easter, but it has two basic points. 1. Jesus was crucified. 2. After three days, Jesus rose from the dead.

He has invited us to share in his story. We are to die to our sins and living in the flesh, and we have the ability to truly live in Christ. To live ALIVE!

How many people do you know who just go through life and the crazy cycle of work, school, activities, always on the go, help people where you can, go to bed , get up and start all over again? I don't know about you, but I want more than that!

So what does it mean to die to our flesh, and truly live alive in Christ? I think it means we make these 3 things a priority in our lives: Spending time with God each day, choosing joy in the midst of our circumstances, focusing on our health and striving to become a better version of ourselves each day. Probably the hardest of the three is choosing joy in the midst of our circumstances.

I am someone who has always enjoyed cooking, house cleaning, and doing laundry, but there was a period in my life where it all frustrated me to the point that I was irritable just thinking about them and nothing I did made my attitude any better! Then it hit me... In my own strength of course I can't change my attitude, but with Christ, anything is possible! I hadn't stopped to pray and invite Jesus into my circumstance. It wasn't more than a few days later that I was doing laundry and realized my attitude had done a 180 and all I could do was praise Jesus!

What are your priorities and are you relying on your own strength to accomplish them?



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